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Joining a group to put on an AA workshop was a springboard for my emotional growth. How great that there’s a goal, a beginning and an end. It’s all the brainstorming, tolerance, compromising, and accountability mixed in the middle that makes it memorable.

Kate D.

District 4 Provides:

  • An event webpage on this site

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We learned about surprising depths of talent in our group. Talents that are not obvious during regular meetings. Everyone inside and outside the group was willing to help and give it their very best.

Melanie G.

Sample Topics: Be Inspired; Think Creatively

Inspiration from the International Women's Conference

  • Twelve Traditions applied to other parts of life (example: jobs, marriage, and family)
  • Handling when someone goes back out
  • Courage to change
  • Grief and loss in recovery
  • On awakening, let us think about the day ahead
  • Self-will run riot
  • Relationships in recovery

Other Workshop Topics

  • Contempt prior to investigation
  • The AA tool-kit
  • A deep dive on any step
  • EGO: Edging God Out
  • The welcome mat: how do we engender attraction to AA groups

Brainstorming and discussing possible topics is part of creative group development. Sharing ideas about how a topic might be approached, what is topical considering the societal cimate, or one group members struggle with a concept. Discussions navigate a group towards a topic.

Past District 4 Workshops

2021 Fall Workshop Welcoming Newcomers

This workshop focused on what we can do to encourage a newcomer entering AA for the first time.

2021 Spring Workshop Recovery During Challenging Times

Sponsored by the the Sunset Hills Men’s Group and Sunlight of the Spirit Groups. Our six panelists are individuals from diverse backgrounds who have achieved and maintained sobriety under challenging circumstances. While their stories differ in detail, the underlying message is the same: We grow in sobriety through life’s transitions by committing to recovery and utilizing the fellowship and tools of Alcoholics Anonymous.

2020 Annual Holiday Soberthon

Sponsored by the the Good Morning Group, Stepping Stones, and Sunlight of the Spirit groups. 38 speakers and zoom hosts with over 500 years of combined sobriety put their experience, strength and hope to work to help other alcoholics.

338 people attended this event.

Fall 2020 Sober During Covid

Sponsored by the No Winers Womens Group. 78 AA members attended, with several from out of state. Topics included dealing with isolation, meditation, and making the most out of virtual meetings.

The format of the meeting was an opening and closing speaker, a panel discussion, and a closing meditation.

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