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VAC Area Assembly Spring 2023 (3/31-4/2)


Be part of the democratic voice of our area

The Virginia Area Conference 2023 Spring Assembly is being held April March 31-April 2, 2023, in Falls Church, Virginia. The schedule is chockful of workshops and meetings for GSR’s, ADCM’s, DCM’s, Committee Chairs, Delegates, Past Delegates, and AA members (non-voting) to attend. Area assembly meetings are open to all AA members, but the groups vote is carried by the GSR. GSRs carry the message to and from their groups.

There is a feeling one gets when in a room with so many alcoholics working together with a singleness of purpose to help other alcoholics that cannot be reproduced in any way. This feeling grabs your heart and stays with you until the next assembly.

This assembly brings a full load of workshops and meetings. There is something for every person’s interest.

Some of the Topics Covered

New GSRs:
There’s a special workshop for you!  Plan to attend to learn more about your position and get to meet other GSRs.

Committee Meetings:
There are many committee meetings that happen concurrently, but you’ll have a chance to choose two (at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm on Friday ). Here you will learn what is new and upcoming in the Area Committee. In committee meetings you have a voice. Any member of Alcoholics Anonymous may attend a committee meeting and is considered a part of that committee and may vote on anything that comes up in that committee meeting.

Topics this session include the following:

  1. New GSR Duties and Responsibilities (Friday and Saturday only)
  2. DCM/Delegate Sharing Session (just for DCMs)- just for DCMs
  3. A.A. Three Legacies – Our Common Solution
  4. Coming Out of the Pandemic: Attendance, Sponsorship, Willingness to Serve
  5. Best Practices to Get Home Groups More Involved in District
  6. Safety in AA Meetings – How to Ensure Everyone is Welcome and Comfortable

Ask it Basket:
Do you have a question for the Area Officers, Committee Chairs, or Delegate? Now’s the time to ask it. GSR Sharing: GSRs share with the entire assembly the status of their group. Let them know what makes your group special and give a brief report similar to what you give at the District meetings. Don’t forget to mention you are part of District 4! District 4 will be eating together and sitting together during the large sessions. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other better and to support each other in our service journey.

Scholarships / Finance

If you are a GSR who wants to go to the Assembly and your group cannot afford to send you please send an email to We will make arrangements so you can attend.

We are self-supporting through our own contributions

“At the heart of each area is the assembly meeting, where the democratic voice of our Fellowship expresses itself. While each area has the autonomy to conduct its meetings according to its conscience, Concept XII offers the General Warranties of the Conference as the guiding principles to remain democratic in thought and action.”

(The A.A. Service Manual combined with Twelve Concepts for World Service by Bill W., 2021-2023 ed., revised May 2021, Alcoholics Anonymous World Service,
Inc., p. 18)

Registration is onsite at the assembly

You can select what committee meetings you want to attend

Make Hotel Reservation

Block room discounts available till 3/17/2023.

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