Tech Tips

Tell Your Leader

Your online leader or moderator can oust anyone from the meeting who is exhibiting bad behavior. Speak up and let your leader know.


Protect Your Anonymity

Rename yourself to protect your anonymity.

Find rename in 2 places:

  • Find yourself in the Participant list → Right click → More → Rename
  • Hover over your image. In the upper right ••• will appear
    → Right Click → Rename

Keep Chat on Track

Please limit chat room activity to information that applies to the entire group.

  • Contribution links
  • Outside event links
  • Literature that may be appropriate for the entire group.

Speaker Tips

Audience & Terminology

When sharing, remember that we have new-comers and non-AA’s visiting our meetings. It is important for us to remember that not everyone is familiar with AA terminology. Explaining phrases and commonly used AA language should always be kept in mind.  

Internet Connection

Use a wired connection to your home router rather than wireless when possible. This ensures a consistent signal strength throughout the virtual meeting or workshop.

If you are using a phone rather than a laptop find a place where you have the most bars from your internet carrier and stay in that location.


  • Silence any phone that may ring in the background.
  • Put the dog out, or have someone else watch the dog during the meeting.
  • Eliminate background noises. Make sure your chair doesn’t squeak, and the windows do not allow traffic sounds.
  • Speak towards the microphone and do not cover it up.
  • Use a headset if you have used one successfully in the past. Bluetooth headsets are ok (as long as it is in good working order), but a physical connection is usually more reliable.


  • Select a bright, well lit location.
  • Sit erect and remain stable. Minimize fidgeting and moving around. 
  • Look directly into the camera when speaking, as if you are in conversation with another human, because you are.
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