VAC Area Assembly Spring 2022


418 Members from 43 districts were represented.

There are 11,133 Active AA Groups in Virginia

Big Book New Stories

Big Book New Story Request

A 5th version of the Big Book is in process. New stories will be added to reflect our current membership. In addition, a translation of the Big Book using Plain/Simplified Language is also in process.

Submission of new stories can be submitted to AA by clicking here.

Become a Grapevine Representative

Online Registration as Representative

Grapevine Representatives are the link between AA Grapevine and the groups. It’s a fun way to get involved! All you have to do is announce the latest issue at your meeting, let people know how they can participate by sending in stories, art work, or jokes. This is a great way to carry the message of AA and to stay sober!

Register to become a Grapevine Rep by clicking here.

Making sure the hand of AA is there

District 4 will host the upcoming Growth Fall Workshop for 2022.

District 4 will be looking for volunteers in all capacities to help organize the workshop. Click here if you are interested in volunteering for this event.

Using Technology to Spread the Word

QR codes that get people closer to a meeting.
Some Virginia Areas are using QR codes to allow easy access from phone to meeting-lookup pages.

We said: Let’s try it!

Phone-hover over the QR code and bring up the NVI Search page. QR codes can be placed on print material, again allowing immediate phone access.

More uses may be forthcoming as we get acclimated to this concept.

Welcoming AA newcomers in the age of zoom.

AA Comes of Age 2.0

Virtual/Hybrid meetings are here to stay. This workshop focused on the logistical challenges in managing and tracking these meetings. Managing of contributions and finance were also discussed. The group shared experiences and discussed concerns related to people who are dealing with other addictions.

AA National Conference Archive Photo

Archive Committee

Ever wonder what the archive trip to Waynesboro is about? District 4’s ex-archive committee chair put together this interesting video tour. Click here and scroll down about halfway through the page, and you’ll get a much better sense of how information about our own history is stored and collected for future AA generations.

Workshops: Singleness of Purpose and Modern Inclusivity in AA

These two workshops presented complementary perspectives on carrying AA’s message in the current era. Both focused on the need to be welcoming to those with issues other than alcoholism, and to those whose backgrounds, choices and opinions may be different from ours, while keeping firmly focused on carrying the message of recovery from alcoholism.

The discussions can be summarized in two fundamental maxims of the fellowship: “Love and tolerance of others is our code,” and “The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking.”

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