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Find AA Meetings
AA Resources. Over 14 million people in the US alone suffer from Alcoholism. You are not alone. Regardless of your sobriety status, you are always welcome at meetings. A meeting can provide a helping hand, motivation, and strategy.

Virginia Meetings
Northern VA Meetings

The meetings above are listed for Northern VA because that is the geographical area associated with this district. Meetings can be found elsewhere on the AA main site. There is also a mobile phone app downloadable from the same page.

AA Newcomer Packet

The documents below will help you to decide whether AA is a fit for you and answer common questions.

Do You Think You Are Different?

Are you gay, black, old, or young? Are you trying to decide if AA is a fit for you. This may help you decide.

A Newcomers Asks...

What are the underlying beliefs and traditions of AA. This document summarizes those beliefs.

Is AA for You?

Am I an alcoholic? This question is often not so straightforward to us. Questions in this document help you answer that question.

AA At A Glance

A one page summary of the size of AA and it’s operating principles.

The AA Group

The AA group is the fundamental tool for AA. Groups teach us compassion for ourselves and for others. This document explains how groups are put together and function.

AA Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you ever wanted to know about AA, but were afraid to ask.


Living Sober

How would a sober life differ from the life you lead?  What straightforward changes can ease the transition to a joyful, free, and aware life? This book provides strategies for success and pitfalls to avoid. It is short (under 100 pages), very readable, and a good place to start.

Purchase from Northern VA Intergroup | Read Online

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

This foundational document of AA describes each step of recovery and the core traditions that sustain the grassroots nature of the organization. It is short (under 100 pages). It is the AA “guidebook” for the process of recovery.

Purchase from Northern VA Intergroup | Read Online

Alcoholics Anonymous - The Big Book

This book is the primary text of AA and is in two parts. The first part describes the disease, it’s affect on our families and our daily lives, and what we stand to gain from considering a sober life. Part 2 is a collection of stories written by recovering alcoholics. If you are considering a sober life for the first time, it is often recommended that you start with Part 2.

Purchase from Northern VA Intergroup | Read Online

NVI Ordering and Curbside Pickup

Email info@nvintergroup.org book or chip orders. NVI provides invoice with link to pay. Orders can now be picked up curbside at NVI office. Please email order first and wait for confirmation that order is ready for pick up.

New book available from GRAPEVINE – PRAYER AND MEDITATION. Cost is $11.50.

NVI Website for Details.

AA Service Manual

A guide for GSRs: The evolution of service in AA and guidelines to follow.
Online at AA.org

Meeting Tools

Recovery can bring stress and behaviors that meetings may need to deal with. This documents can provide meeting guidance for these situations.

Our Common Welfare

Disruptive Members at A A Meetings (see Page 4)
AA For Alcoholics with Mental Health Issues
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