Community Outreach

Spreading the word, and lending a hand

Cooperation with the Professional Community, CPC

Holding true to our primary purpose the Cooperation with the Professional Community (C.P.C.) has continued to be one of our great assets in carrying the A.A. message to the still–suffering alcoholic. Our purpose is to inform professionals and future professionals about A.A. —what we are, where we are, what we can do, and what we cannot do. Through this medium, District 4 helps establish a stronger sense of trust, communication and cooperating with our community.

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Treatment Facilities Hospitals and Institutions

The purpose of a Treatment Committee is to coordinate the work of individual AA members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics in treatment and outpatient setting and to set up means of bridging the gap” from the facility to an AA group in the individual’s community.

Treatment service work requires a minimum of 1 year of sobriety to lead or chair. The district is in need of female volunteers to help with this important work. A team of experienced members are available at the Stepping Stones to help guide you along.

More about treatment facilities can be found here:

Treatment Committee Work Book

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