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Creating Tommorows AA History

Archive Committee Who We Are, and What We Do.

The Dulles District Archives Committee is the local branch of the Virginia Area Archives. We collect, catalog, preserve, and protect items of historical significance specific to our local area; this includes district meeting documents, group histories, recorded oral histories, and personal items, among many other contributions, significant to AA. Through this work, we are building the foundation records for an all-encompassing view of the history, progression, and evolution of Alcoholics Anonymous within our personal corner of the world, as well as contributing to the overarching, worldwide history of Alcoholics Anonymous.

  Dulles District Digital Database

Our new digital database is up and running! This is exciting news for our committee, as it creates a single, centrally located reference library of everything related to AA in our district. The database contains everything from basic group information such as names, GSO numbers, and meeting locations to event flyers, personally donated items, and to the Where & When. To ensure anonymity is protected, the database is not accessible online, nor will it be in the future; it is accessible solely to the Archives committee.Any AA member of our district may request information from our records by contacting the Archives committee at We are also able to supply a detailed Group History Report for all groups in our district. ALL supplied records will be redacted to include ONLY first names and last initials; all personally identifiable information will be removed.

New Virginia AA History book, Sharing Our Commonwealth

This new book will include excerpts of submitted group histories from across Virginia, with a focus on the interwoven stories that tie our groups together. Aiming to be representative of all groups, the VAC Archives has requested that as many groups as possible submit a storyform historical writeup to be included.

You can submit your group’s history and story by following the link provided on the District 4 website. A printable copy of the form is also available on the district website. Copies of all group histories submitted to the district will be forwarded to both the Virginia Area Archives and the Northern Virginia Intergroup Archives.

The VAC Archives Committee is still looking for volunteers to assist in editing and proofreading draft copies of our new book. If you are interested in helping in one of these areas, please contact the VAC Archivist at Archivist@aavirginia.orgfor more information.

If you have any questions for or about our archives, would like to request information from our records, or would like to contribute documents/memorabilia significant to recovery in our district, or would like to volunteer with the Archives committee, please contact us at

Oral Histories

Billy is most fired up about the Oral History project. “It combines all the things I like about preserving history,” said Billy. “It’s a personal story. By interviewing one person, you also by proxy get little bits and pieces of other people’s histories too.” The project was initially aimed at persons with long term sobriety. To participate fill out the form located at Oral histories are a great way to preserve the present for the future alcoholics. The committee makes the process easy by providing guideline questions before hand and walking you through the copyright information.

Group Histories

As a steward of the historical documents, Billy enjoys providing group histories. On request, he digs through the carefully organized database (Aha! This is why metadata are important!) and provide oral and written reports from group members, District meeting minutes that include GSR reports. His goal is to make the documents meaningful to you and extract something meaningful from the data.

Groups can request their group history form by emailing Changes and requests can also be sent to the Archives email address. Participation ensures that A.A.’s can learn about the history of their group (your group) 40 years from now.

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