In Service Insight: Archive Committee

Billy D's Perspective on Preserving AA history

Archive Committee Who We Are, and What We Do.

Archives collects, catalogs, preserves, and protects items of local  historical significance. This includes district meeting documents, group histories, recorded oral histories, and personal items. 

If you have an interest in history, writing, reading or organizing information, archives could be a perfect service fit for you. This work provides an all-encompassing view of the history, progression, and evolution of Alcoholics Anonymous within our personal corner of the world, as well as contributing to the overarching, worldwide history of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Billy D's Archive Adventure

Billy’s archives adventure began about two years ago when he took a road trip to Waynesboro Va with the archives team. There they scanned historical documents, and put them in a database, bringing the archive process into the age of technology. This Information is now stored electronically can be keyword searched.

Opportunities for individual ingenuity “just happen” in service. Whatever service opportunity we step into provides a path for us to be creative and helpful in ways we might not initially expect.

Tidbit: The District 4 monthly meeting was held in Great Falls as early as 1973. Billy says, “It’s important to be connected to something that happened before we existed.” Does anyone know where the District 4 monthly meeting was held prior to 1973? Have a document to support that memory?

Oral Histories

Billy is fired up about the Oral History project. “It combines all the things I like about preserving history,” said Billy. “It’s a personal story. By interviewing one person, you also by proxy get little bits and pieces of other people’s histories too.” The project is initially aimed at persons with long term sobriety. Oral histories are a great way to preserve the present for the future alcoholics.

Are you, or someone you know interested in contributing an oral history? If so place complete this form. Are you intersted in recording an oral history? If so, please message

Group Histories

As a steward of the historical documents, Billy enjoys providing group histories. On request, he provides oral and written reports from group members, District meeting minutes that include GSR reports. His goal is to make the documents meaningful.

Groups can request their group history form by emailing Participation ensures that A.A.’s can learn about the history of their group (your group) 40 years from now.

Service = Growth

“You will get out of it, whatever you put into it.” Billy finds that to be as true today whether it is stacking chairs or being a group’s chairperson helps him feel engaged and a part of something. This is an important part of growing in sobriety.

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MORE INFORMATION: Policy, best practices, and copyright forms can be found in the Archives Workbook (section that applies to oral hisory media). A copy of the VAC assignment of copyright form can be found by clicking here.

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